Warning: I don’t have a tripod yet. I have purchased one and it is on its way, but I still wanted to go out shoot photos and share them. These photos were all taken after a snow storm at around midnight. The ISO on all the photos is extremely high at around 6400, and my camera just isn’t that good at that level. So all the photos are a bit grainy and noisy due to the ISO issue.

I love snowstorms and the cold. The world is just so much more peaceful when it snows. When you go out in a snowstorm or immediately after the world is quiet; its sort of resting or sleeping for a moment. I absolutely love that time. William H. Macy agrees (jump to end of video):

It snowed about 2 or 3 inches, just enough to make everything still and beautiful. Immediately outside our house, our neighbor still had her christmas lights up. The fake trees had snow covering the light making it glow. Too bad I didn’t have a nice tripod to take a better photo.



I decided to move out to the street to see if the light was a little better out there. Our street lives in no mans land between two neighborhoods. The plow trucks from either neighborhood turn around before this segment of road. It is only maybe 1000 feet long, but no one ever plows it or treats the roadway. It gets better a day or two after a storm just from cars carry salt and cinders from the other roads onto this section. It makes for a nice snowy, calm, still picture.



I did find a pine tree. It made for an interesting picture.

snowday3 _s

I headed inside for a moment, but then I realized I’d be hard pressed to find another nice snowstorm like this in the near future. So I ventured out looking for any more Christmas lights. I must of spend over an hour trudging through snow, but I was rewarded with a singular lit tree.


This is when I really wished I had a tripod to set up properly. Again the ISO is way to high, but I still like the photos. The snow was too amazing to pass up and these lights weren’t going to be around much longer.




I really like the last one. The snow, lights, and tree branches really come together well. I’ll have to wait till next year to get some better pictures. These will do for now.

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