Yesterday was the first nice day since the beginning of the year. By nice I mean sunny and almost above freezing. It was warm enough to at least spend more than 5-10 minutes outside. I passed by a golf course and had to stop and take a few photos.


This was the best shot I took. It was difficult since the ground rose up to the stone wall quite a bit. It made it really dark on wall facing my but the sun was bright and blowing up the rest of the sky. By the time I got anywhere else the sun had already set. I went back to Griggs Reservoir to take some long exposures of moving water. It was right at the best light to get 1-2 second exposures.




It had rained a day or so ago, but everything quickly froze again. The water was fast moving, and since it was still very cold, ice formed on the rocks. I think I might call the last two photos Ice Spaceship.

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