I’ve completely re-tooled this site as a photoblog.  Christmas brought a wonderful gift from my family, a new Canon EOS Rebel SL1 with a 18-55mm and 75-3000mm lens.  It is simply one of the best gifts I have ever received and one which I will enjoy for a long time.  Since I now have an amazing camera, I need a place to put and share the pictures.  I’ve never really consistently updated this site, but now I have a reason and a purpose to use it.  I’ll be sharing photos I take and writing bits to go along with the photos.


Of course after I opened the box I had to take some pictures.  Luckily Christmas Day was the nicest day of our trip.  It was warm and sunny which gave rise to a really nice sunset.

Florida_Christmas_3 copy




I had to mess around with autofocus and some of the other settings.






The sun sets which means it was time for turkey!



This was one of the juiciest turkeys and was simply amazing.  The stuffing is to die for, and we definitely ate our fill.  We ate so much we felt that we should get some exercise and go for a walk.



I love the lights that were in the bushes surrounding the area.  They light up all the leaves and are scattered enough to look random.





The sprinkler system activated on our way home.  It was a fine mist that just looked like fog had rolled over the bushes.   All in all a great Christmas!


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